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Design and supply of a complete range of sewage and wastewater treatment systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


Wastewater treatment plants can consist of a combination of a number of components including: pretreatment screening, grit removal; oil removal; wastewater neutralization; anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic activated sludge systems; coarse / fine bubble air diffusers; floating sub-surface aerators; rotating biological contactors; clarification; sludge digestion; mechanical sludge dewatering; chlorination; and tertiary coagulation, settling, filtration, activated carbon adsorption and ozonation.


Design and supply of a complete range of water treatment systems for potable and industrial process use.


Water treatment systems can consist of a combination of components including: clarifiers and settling basins; softeners; ion exchange demineralizers; pressure filter; gravity filter; reverse osmosis units; deaerator; degasifiers and chemical feed systems.

Since 1977, Hydrex has designed and built hundreds of water and wastewater treatment plants throughout Asia and the Middle East. Hydrex can provide pre-engineered package treatment systems for population rating from 100 to 200,000. We also specialize in custom designed plants based upon defined performance specifications. Our carefully designed foolproof systems incorporate the most advanced equipment, yet are easy to operate. Sophisticated, individually customized computer monitoring and data logging systems (SCADA) can be provided as well.


Our clients included respected multinational and Asian companies; many of which are repeated customers. For example:


In a three year period alone, one client ordered eleven package sewage treatment plants, ranging in capacities from 70 to 400m3/day.


Another client has to date ordered five 4,000 to 8,000m3/day custom designed wastewater treatment plants for their various estate developments within the region.


Hydrex was responsible for expanding an existing 19,000m3/day municipal sewage treatment plant to handle a total of 40,000m3/day. Shortly after completion, the same client awarded a 9,500m3/day plant for another development to Hydrex.


Hydrex is also the only officially approved wastewater treatment plant supplier within Asia for one of the world’s largest soft drink manufactures.

To find out how our expertise can be put to work for you, simply request a questionnaire from Hydrex, fill the pertinent information, and within one week, receive our budget price estimate for any water and wastewater treatment plant.

One of the examples of a single source water and wastewater treatment done by Hydrex Asia Limited:

a. Model of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant

b. The Wastewater Treatment Plant

c. The Water Treatment Plant

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